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Randy Allen

Mr. Allen is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of RWA Financial Services, Inc. located in Austin, Texas. RWA is celebrating its 35th anniversary. Randy is a commodity analyst in energies, currencies, softs, metals and agricultural commodities. RWA is a long-recognized leader in market planning, strategies and risk management. Mr. Allen is regularly featured at national and state associations and organizations. He has been a contracted faculty member for the Universities of Colorado and Wisconsin Graduate Banking Schools and Mexico's Banking Institute in Mexico City. He completed Certificates in Harvard Business School's Senior Executive Management Program and The Risk Management Program at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Allen's work with intensive case studies includes Britain's Mad Cow Disease, Monsanto, Pioneer, the Boston Beer Company. He is also regularly published in business's most prominent publications including his guidebook Three Steps to Marketing, published by the National American Bankers Association. Randy is regularly interviewed on local television/media concerning commodity trends, which affect Central Texas.

In 2002, Randy was recommended by Dr. Kary Mathis, Texas Tech University, for Doctor of Agricultural Education, jointly held by Texas Tech University and Texas A&M.

"I have known and worked with Randy many times over the years and his professional work and longevity says it all, particularly in finance, which is built upon deep personal relationships."

  • Dr. David Kohl. Professor of Finance and Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship in the Department of Applied Economics at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. (This testimonial is not indicative of future performance of success)

Randy and Wendy have been married 45 years and have 5 Grandchildren.

Randy has worked with all of the following organizations and associations:

  • National American Bankers / Minnesota Bankers / Dakotas Grain / North Dakota Sunflower
  • National Independent Community Bankers of America /  National Wheat Growers / Iowa Bankers / Iowa Soybean
  • Nebraska Bankers / Montana Grain Growers / Kansas Bankers / National Sorghum / Minneapolis Grain Exchange / Washington State Wheat Growers
  • Illinois Community Bankers /  Idaho Grain Producers / Indiana Bankers / Kansas Cooperative
  • Missouri Bankers / Minnesota Wheat Growers / Texas Farm Bureau / Wyoming Bankers / Louisiana Bankers
  • Oklahoma Bankers  / Texas Bankers / Oregon Wheat Growers / Wisconsin Soybean / Arkansas Bankers
  • South Dakota Bankers  / Montana Bankers / Commodity Classic / Iowa Cattleman / Florida ASCS
  • Colorado Independent Bankers / Pennsylvania Producers / Wisconsin Bankers / Kansas Wheat Growers
  • University of Wisconsin Bankers School /  University of Kansas Banking School  / University of Colorado Banking School
  • Mexico Bankers, Mexico City
  • John Deere / New Holland
  • Minnesota/Dakotas Grain / New American Farm / California Nutritionists / Elanco / Arm & Hammer
  • And Over 250 Bank Seminars