Private Producer Consulting
Are You Working For Your Operation Or Is The Operation Working For you?

High Yielding Life”
Private Client Consulting
Randy Allen

What if you could fine tune your business to do more for you?
What if you could discover new possibilities for your operation that would enhance your strengths & gifts?
What if you could reach your real life goals earlier than you ever dreamed of?

The Secret To Profitability Is Minimizing Risk and Mistakes
Are you Thriving or Surviving?
Certainly farming is a unique business; but when it comes to the financial and personal aspects of the operation, it isn’t that much different than any other business. Tasks quickly start to rule your day to day thoughts, and long-term planning gets put off. As the operation grows and changes, you take on more work, finding less and less time to consider where you are headed and what it means to you personally. Too many owners wake up to a life that is less than they had hoped for, and find themselves busier than ever. Sound familiar?
Too many of us fall into the trap that bigger is better. We think, “if we could just grow big enough, then life would be easier." But the truth is that the larger the operation, the more moving parts, and the greater the risks. This is exactly why larger farm operations seek assistance. As farms have grown, and the industry has changed, it has become vital to have professional guidance that takes into account the entire operation as well as the operator (you!).
Bigger can be better, but only if your farm is working for you.

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Consulting Includes:
*Future objectives and goal planning
*Consistent improvement on customer-defined areas
*Maintenance recommendations for continued success
*Written plans submitted to the client
*Professional recommendations for cost savings
*Operating efficiencies that save real money, right now
*Risk management with the entire operation considered
*First class commitment and accountability
*Long-term views
*Information with specific, measurable, and realistic objectives

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